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 Let us help you maximize your homes value and get your home sold in half the time. We do home staging and design in Seal Beach, Huntington Beach as well as all of Southern California's beach towns. 

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Did you know that partnering with Beach Town Staging will net your seller on average 10% more in a home sales price?

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What Is Staging

Homeowners and real estate agents alike often assume staging is all or nothing, but that’s simply not the case. There are many different ways you can work us at Beach Town Staging to properly prepare a home for sale. Every home can benefit from some form of staging. Sellers may just need some advice or an action plan to follow, while others may need us to actually complete the work or coordinate rental furnishings and design the space. The seller can be as involved as they want depending on their needs and budget. 

Real estate agents often believe home staging should only be used if the space is vacant, because very few buyers can visualize the potential of a space. A vacant staging is when we will bring in furniture and accessories to dress up an empty space. We will be there for the delivery and set everything up so it’s ready to show off. But real estate agents and sellers shouldn’t overlook the other services we can provide: 

Consultation. One of the easiest ways to incorporate home staging when selling is the purchase a home staging consultation – that’s when Beach Town Staging will enter the home for a short period to assess the space and determine what needs to be completed to best maximize the home’s value.  

Occupied Staging. If the seller is living in the home while on the market, we can use the homeowner's belongings to prepare the home for sale, called an owner-occupied staging. With this service, we will rearrange and remove items, accessorize and sometimes complete small repairs. We can use what’s already in the home, but may also bring in key accessories to update and complete the look buyers will appeal to. Many times, the seller will have homework to complete – like cleaning, packing or organizing items prior to the staging day. 

Regardless of whether a home is vacant or filled with clutter, clean or a complete mess, maintained or filled with projects that haven’t been completed in decades, a seller should consider consulting with our professional team if they want the maximum return on investment for the property. We can offer customizable solutions for sellers, like hiring us for a few hours before a photo shoot to spruce up the place. Maybe the seller needs help tackling specific organizing tasks, managing repair projects, or interior design services. So, the next time you think home staging is just cleaning and decluttering, suitable for only vacant spaces or luxury properties consider contacting us. We are qualified to provide you with expert advice to get a home on and off the market quickly for the biggest return on your investment.    

Services We Provide

Our expert stagers can work with both vacant and occupied properties to attract your ideal buyer fast. Staged homes spend up to 78% less time on the market than vacant and occupied properties. 


-Vacant Home Staging

-Occupied Home Staging and design

-Yacht Staging and Design

-Office Staging

-Wedding Staging

-Decluttering and Organizing

-Preparing your home for Selling- Professional Tips and Tricks

-Handyman and Construction Services

-Holiday home and office decorating

Why Choose Us


We believe that one of the most important reasons that people choose a particular real estate agent or stager over another is personal rapport. We pride ourselves in being sensitive, respectful and easy to get along with.  


We bring to every project our own unique view of the world through our minds eye. Staging is about appealing to the masses, but it can still be done with elegance and charisma. Its doesn't have to be tired and boring. 


The process of selling a house or creating a new space can be overwhelming. You need a “team” of people helping you.  A team you trust for their expertise in getting the job done. We take that very seriously and understand the financial and emotional aspects of selling a home. Also, the care and patience needed to design a new space  and make it "just right". 


We are reliable, thorough and detail oriented. We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We will never commit to a project unless we think we can do it and exceed expectations. 


We have worked at all levels of corporate and artistic businesses and understand the importance of integrity, honesty and clarity. Meet us and talk with us in person, and decide for yourself. We're flexible and always happy to just stop by for a meet and greet, whether you are a real estate agent, home owner, builder or somewhere in between.  

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